• Vertical Machining Center UM-120
  • Vertical Machining Center UM-120
  • Vertical Machining Center UM-120
  • Vertical Machining Center UM-120
  • Vertical Machining Center UM-120
  • Vertical Machining Center UM-120
  • Vertical Machining Center UM-120
  • Vertical Machining Center UM-120
  • Vertical Machining Center UM-120
  • Vertical Machining Center UM-120
  • Vertical Machining Center UM-120
  • Vertical Machining Center UM-120


Vertical Machining Center

Vertical Machining Center

· Increased capacity, improved capacity and better all around performance.

· 24-station, swing-arm automatic tool changer .

· Spindle speed 10000 (12000) rpm

· Belt / Direct driven spindle design

· Table dimension: 1200 x 600 mm

· FANUC 0i-M controller with LCD monitor

Controller FANUC 0i-M
Spindle speed rpm 10000(12000)
Spindle nose taper BT40
Bearing inner diameter mm 70
Drive system Belt(Direct)
X-axis travel mm 1200
Y-axis travel mm 650
Z-axis travel mm 600
Spindle nose to table mm 150~725
Table dimension mm 1200 x 650
T-slot(No. of T-slot x width x pitch) mm 5 x 18 x 100
Max. weight on table kg 1200
X-axis Rapid Traverse Rate m / min 30
Y-axis Rapid Traverse Rate m / min 30
Z-axis Rapid Traverse Rate m / min 30
Cutting feed rate m / min 12
Ball screw diameter (X/Y/Z) mm 45/45/45
Guideway type Ball
Tool magazine capacity units 24(30/32)
Max. tool weight kg 7
Max. tool diameter mm 80
Max. tool diameter without adjacent tools mm 150
Method of tool exchange Arm type
Max. tool length mm 300
AI contour control AICC I (AICC II)
Spindle motor power(Cont./30min) kW 7.5/11(15/18.5)
X/Y/Z feed motor kW 3/3/4
Coolant pump motor(50Hz/60Hz) kW 0.75+1.27(1.01+1.73)
Air supply kg/cm² 5.5
Machine dimension L x W x H m 3.1 x 2.3 x 2.8
Net weight kg 7500

1 FANUC 0i-M controller + AICC I  1 Data server 2G
2 RJ-45 interface 2 Linear scale (Heidenhain)
3 Rigid tapping 3 Contact tool setter
4 Heat exchanger for electric cabinet 4 Workpiece touch probe
5 8.4" Colored LCD monitor 5 Roller type guide way
6 Lubrication system 6 Air cooler for electric cabinet
7 4-bar coolant system 7 Spindle speed upgrading
8 Cutter air blast 8 Upgrade to 10.4" Colored LCD monitor
9 Spray gun 9 20 bar coolant through spindle system
10 Three-color warning light 10 Oil-coolant skimmer
11 Spindle oil cooling system 11 Oil mist collector
12 4th axis interface + FANUC motor & driver
13 4th axis rotary table
14 Z-axis travel 740mm
15 2-step gear box
16 Automatic door       
17 Chain type chip conveyor + chip cart
18 Transformer
19 CE version
20 Spindle air blow tube
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of the machine without prior notice. All the specifications shown above are just for reference.
Super Rigid One-Piece Cast Bed
Accuway's UM line of Vertical Machining Centers are made of Meehanite castings with an upgraded tensile strength and dampening capacity.They are heat treated to eliminate internal stresses and resist creep or fatigue under various operating conditions and thereby maintain accuracy even under prolonged cutting of even the toughest production part materials and tolerances.

Exceptionally Heavy Ribbed Structure
The exceptionally heavy ribbing structure is geometrically symmetrical to balance the thermal and dynamic stresses ensuring the highest level of static and dynamic stability needed for constant precision cutting. This structure provides the optimal rigidity and torsional stiffness for high performance manufacturing.

Wide Guideway Span
The extra wide linear guide span minimizes the bending deflection of the structure and provides a massive monolith base and support for heavy loads while maintaining a high level of accuracy.This also provides a stable cutting platform.

Advanced Design FEA Analysis
With nearly 30 years of experience Accuway has amassed technical expertise and experienced engineers.   They have developed the optimal machine structure design to provide the perfect balance of brute power stability and precision to build a compact machining center delivering high performance.  With FEA analysis, years of client feedback and industry appraisal, Accuway has created the UM line with superb static and dynamic stability for constant precision cutting.

Precision Spindles
Our precision spindles come with P4 class super precision bearings for strong axial resistance to counter cutting forces.  They are permanently greased and lubricated for maximum lifetime and maintenance free requirements.   All machines come standard with belt driven or direct drive couplings.   Only high torque A.C. Spindle motors are used for supreme power, accuracy and reliability.

Spindle Coolant Chiller
The large capacity spindle coolant chiller re-circulates cooling oil through the spindle cartridge and machine headstock casting to maintain consistent positioning accuracy over a wide ambient temperature range.

Coolant Through Spindle
For drilling and tapping small diameter deep precise holes we offer a coolant through spindle option.   The coolant is dispersed directly at the machining point for eliminating ships that impact drill tip flutes and reduces broken tools.

Ball Screws on All Axes
Servo motors and ball screws are used on all axes and are direct coupled for virtually backlash free precise movement.   With a low inertia and high efficiency output this combination offers excellent dynamic precision during contour machining.

Precision Guideways
UM machines all have precision guideways coupled with ball screws for short machining times and longer tool life.   Also the heavy-duty precision linear guideways with extra wide rails and a larger contact surface for superior frame rigidity.

Automatic Tool Changer
This Machine comes standard with a 24 tool magazine with highly efficient and fast tool changes to keep your pace of production high.   An optional 32 tool magazine is also available.

2-axis Trunnion Rotary Table
An optional 2-axis trunion rotary table provides 5-axis machining capability for complex parts.   This capability reduces tolerance deterioration due to multiplw part transfer and jig change issues.

Tool Setter
This optional tool setting system can quickly check the tool length and diameter and gather compensation data for improving efficiency and reducing machine idle time.

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