• Super Heavy Duty Turning Center UT-600L


Super Heavy Duty Turning Center

Super Heavy Duty Turning Center with Strong Live Tooling for Long, Large Sized Workpieces


· Cam-driven servo turret with 12 station

· One-piece bed, 45° slant-bed structural design

· Max. Swing:  1030 mm

· Max. Length:  1350  mm

· Spindle:  A2-15 in  1500 rpm

· Spindle hole diameter:  205 mm

· 8.4"Fanuc 0i controller with color LCD monitor
Controller FANUC 0i-T
Swing over bed mm 1030
Swing over saddle mm 950
Max. turning diameter mm 900
Max. turning length mm 1350
Guide way type Box
Spindle Nose ASA A2-15 / A2-20
Chuck Diameter inch 24(32)
Spindle hole diameter mm 205(235/258/320/375)
Spindle Speed rpm 1500(850/800/400/300)
Spindle Motor Power(Cont. /30min) kW 30/37(37/45)+2-speed gearbox
X-axis Travel mm 1500
Z-axis Travel mm 470
X-axis Rapid Traverse Rate m/min 20
Z-axis Rapid Traverse Rate m/min 24

Tooling system

Turret driven type Servo
Number of tools station 12
Square tool shank size mm 32
Round tool shank size mm 50


Quill travel mm 150
Quill diameter mm 160
Quill taper hole MT# 6


Machine dimension L x W x H m 6.2 x 2.8 x 3
Net weight kg 14500

1 FANUC 0i-T controller 1 Upgrade to 10.4" Colored LCD monitor
2 RJ-45 interface 2 Tool setter
3 Rigid tapping 3 Oil mist collector
4 Heat exchanger for electric cabinet 4 Oil-coolant skimmer
5 8.4" Colored LCD monitor 5 Air cooler for electric cabinet
6 Lubrication system 6 APT60 12-station power turret
7 4-bar coolant system 7 Steady rest
8 Three-color warning light 8 Transformer
9 CE version
10 CF(CS) axis controller system
11 Linear scale
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of the machine without prior notice. All the specifications shown above are just for reference.
Rigid Basic Structure
The 45 degree slant bed structural design consists of a one piece bed and box way casting with low center of gravity, large swing diameter, superior rigidity for easy disposal of coolant and chips and longer tool life.
Bed structure is internally reinforced with numerous heavy ribs to reduce deformation from shear or tensile stress.
Each sliding surface is coated with Turcite-B to obtain long and stable operating life even under rigorous impact loading conditions.
Fine grain wear resisting, shock-absorbing Meehanite cast iron is heat-treated, annealed twice and ground to eliminate internal stress as well as naturally seasoned to attain stability and hardness of HRC 53.
This ensures the high rigidity with minimum deformation to meet tough demands from continous heavy duty and/or step cutting.

Powerful Main Spindle Design
Power is delivered to the spindle through a two speed geared head allowing stable spindle speed changes as well as powerful torque output.
Helical gears are incorporated in the gearbox to reduce noise, increase contact area, and reduce backlash for even high precision cutting.
Headstock design, uses symmetrical heat-dissipating ribs, precision-bored to reduce error from heat distortion, maintain circularity and concentricity, thereby ensuringlong-term cutting accuracy.
Every spindle is assembled, along with headstock and bearings, in a temperature controlled environment and with precise fitting jigs. Then it undergoes extensive run-in test to eliminate bearing mismatch arising from elevated temperatures.

Spindle Design
High-precision spindle is supported by large-diameter, taper roller bearings and transmitted by 2-step gears.
Twin optimized supports can resist any kind of axial or radial loading generated by high-speed precision turning or low-speed heavy-duty rough turning.

Special Turret Design and Precision Motion Control
Heavy duty servo controlled turret with 2-piece large diameter Hirth coupling provides strong clamping, stiffness, high loading capacity, and precise positioning accuracy. Bi-directional indexing 12-station block type turret provides tool changing fastest for reduced non-cut time.
The high-precision tailstock quill encased in a sleeve is fully programmable. Tailstock body is mounted on box ways to ensure maximum rigidity when offering long and heavy components between centers, tolerances and surface roughness.
Tailstock tight is MT6 smooth, with either a live center or a rotating quill option depending upon requirements.
C3 class precision ground ball screw with hardness sufficient ensures high accuracy and durability.

Strong Live Tooling for Long,Large Sized Workpieces
New design high rigid 12-station base mount tooling turret is capable of accepting rotary tools at any station, providing flexible machining through various machining operations in just one set-up. Each tool holder is securley tightened by 4 screws, allowing the turret to perform heavy-duty cutting, milling and drilling operations. Turret indexing is non-stop, bi-directional with a fast 3 second next station index time.

Heavy Duty Servo Mechanical Power Turret + C-axis index control
To cope with rigorous heavy cutting demands, the power turret features a special driving method that is the most contemporary design, offerong 11kW of driving power for rotary tools to satisfy versatile heavy cutting process.

Steady Rest
To prevent longitudinal deflection induced by work piece weight, hydraulic controlled automatic steady rest is available as an option to maintain cutting precision for large and long workpiece.

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