• Vertical Turning Center UV-100ATC
  • Vertical Turning Center UV-100ATC
  • Vertical Turning Center UV-100ATC


Vertical Turning Center

Heavy Duty Cutting Spindle Design on Vertical Turning Center


· ATC-BT50 with 12 station

· Robust and rigid structural design

· Max. Swing:  1100 mm

· Max. Length:  700  mm

· Spindle:  A2-15 in  1200 rpm

· 8.4"Fanuc 0i controller with color LCD monitor
Controller FANUC 0i-T
Swing over bed mm 1100
Max. turning diameter mm 1000
Max. turning length mm 700
Spindle Speed rpm 1200
Spindle bearing diameter mm 220
Spindle nose taper ASA A2-15
Chuck diameter inch 24(32/40)
Spindle Motor Power(Cont. /30min) kW 30/37(37/45, 45/55)
Spindle taper BT50
X-axis Travel mm 765
Z-axis Travel mm 800
X-axis ballscrew diameter mm 50
Z-axis ballscrew diameter mm 50
Guide way type Box
X-axis Rapid Traverse Rate m/min 15
Z-axis Rapid Traverse Rate m/min 7
Tooling system ATC
Indexing type Servo gear
Turret driven type Servo mechanical
Number of tools station 12
Tool holder taper size mm BT50
Max. tool length mm 400
Max. tool weight kg 50
Max. magazine load kg 420
X-axis motor power kW 4
Z-axis motor power kW 4
Hydraulic motor power kW 2.2
Coolant pump motor power kW 0.5+1
Machine dimension L x W x H m 3.7 x 2.7 x 4
Net weight kg 16500

1 FANUC 0i-M controller 1 Upgrade to 10.4" Colored LCD monitor
2 RJ-45 interface 2 Tool setter
3 Rigid tapping 3 Oil mist collector
4 Heat exchanger for electric cabinet 4 Oil-coolant skimmer
5 8.4" Colored LCD monitor 5 Air cooler for electric cabinet
6 Lubrication system 6 Upgrade to non-through hole 3-jaw 32" (40") hydraulic chuck & cylinder
7 4-bar coolant system 7 Transformer
8 Cutter air blast 8 CE version
9 Spray gun 9 Tool holder
10 Three-color warning light 10 Tool spindle power (15/18.5) kW
11 Spindle power upgrate (45/55) kW
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of the machine without prior notice. All the specifications shown above are just for reference.
Accuway vertical turning center UV series are designed and built to withstand the most demanding applications in various industries. 
UV series lathes offer highefficiency, high-accuracy, excellent rigidity and great stability.
Meehanite castings are internally reinforced with heavy ribs to resist bending and damp vibrations. Symmetric ribs not only increase rigidity but improve thermal stability.
Massive base and column further decrease natural frequency, ensuring precise accuracy and repeatability.

Main Spindle
Large diameter main spindle bearing combining with wide range torque spindle motor offers highest rigidity while machining. 
Its strong structure further provides vibration absorption under the most demanding conditions to obtain excellent accuracy of versatile work- pieces.

Second Spindle
Hardened, ground and balanced second-spindle is firmly encased in the robust saddle to withstand heavy duty machining. The power is transmitted to second-spindle through special transmission reduction generating enough speed and torque to satisfy wide spectrum of tough machining requirements.
Model ATCC has milling second-spindle that involves drilling, milling and tapping and is capable to complete a part without any secondary operations. Dual contact “Big Plus” type spindle system is available as an option to provide excellent repeatability and rigidity for upgrading machine performance.

Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)
Hybrid 12-tool magazine ATC design of fers multiple machining capacity: turning, milling, drilling and rigid tapping operations while integrated with second spindle and live toolings. It eliminates secondary operations and increase productivity by reducing loading & unloading and fixture cost.

Main Features
Heavy duty cutting spindle design
Strong rigid bearing structure allows heavy duty cutting under workpiece self-weight with asymmetric geometry while performing excellent accuracy. It must pass through contionuous run-in test to reach smooth mating tolerance between spindle shaft and support bearings to withstand high vibration and heat distortion.
Large diameter main spindle bearing combining powerful wide range torque spindle motor offers highest rigidity to satisfy versatile cutting requirements.

Reliable hydro-mechanical turret
Applies hydraulic motor with cam mechanism designed for fast, smooth and precise indexing. It has large diameter curvic coupling for tool clamping under heavy-duty machining.
Bolt-on or VDI tooling systems are available for proper tool holders selection satisfying most machining processes.

Hybrid machining capability
Hybrid ATC design offers multiple machining functions such as turning, millimg, drilling and rigid tapping operations if integrated with subspindle and live toolings. It also eliminate secondary operations and increase productivity by reducing time of loading & unloading and fixture cost.
C-axis provides indexing resolution of 0.01 degree per increment. Contouring, complex round and prismatic machining, rectangular slot and lettering are accomplished by synchronizing the spindle with the X and Z axis. Rigid tapping can be done with both cylindrical and end-working surfaces.

The 12-tool magazine meets the demands of various machining operations and being convenient for fast tool selection and easy operation.
  • Maximum weight of single tool holder: 50kg
  • Maximum rotary tool poewr: 7.5kW
  • Tool holder taper: BT-50
  • Tool magazine indexing mechanism: cam

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