• Slant Bed Turning Center UT-300LX3


Slant Bed Turning Center

High Rigidity and High Precision Machining


· Cam-driven hydraulic/servo turret with 12 station

· One-piece bed, 30° slant-bed structural design

· Max. Swing:  612 mm

· Max. Length:  3100  mm

· Spindle:  A2-8 in  3500 rpm

· Bar capacity:  75 mm

· 8.4"Fanuc 0i controller with color LCD monitor
Controller FANUC 0i-T
Swing over bed mm 612
Swing over saddle mm 400
Max. turning diameter mm 500
Max. turning length mm 3100
Bed slant angle degree 30
Guide way type Box
Spindle nose taper ASA A2-8(A2-11)
Spindle hole diameter mm 86(101/116)
Chuck diameter in 10(12/15)
Spindle speed rpm 3500(2700/2500)
Spindle motor power(Cont. / 30min) kW 15/18.5
Bar capacity mm 75(90/105)
Z-axis travel mm 3182
X-axis travel mm 300
Z-axis Rapid Traverse Rate m/min 10
X-axis Rapid Traverse Rate m/min 20

Tooling system

Turret driven type Hydraulic/Servo
Number of tools stations 12
Square tool shank size mm 25
Round tool shank size mm 40
Max. Rotary Tool Speed rpm -
Rotary Tool Driver Power kW -
Tailstock body travel mm 3040
Quill travel mm 120
Quill diameter mm 85
Quill taper MT# 5
Machine dimension L x W x H m 7 x 2.3 x 2.3
Net weight kg 11000

1 FANUC 0i-T controller 1 Upgrade to 10.4" Colored LCD monitor
2 RJ-45 interface 2 Collet chuck
3 Rigid tapping 3 Tool setter
4 Heat exchanger for electric cabinet 4 Oil mist collector
5 8.4" Colored LCD monitor 5 Oil-coolant skimmer
6 Lubrication system 6 Air cooler for electric cabinet
7 4-bar coolant system 7 Transformer
8 Three-color warning light 8 CE version
9 Loader interface
10 Gantry loader system
11 Automatic door
12 Steady rest
13 Linear scale
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of the machine without prior notice. All the specifications shown above are just for reference.
High Quality Meehanite Casting
A heavily ribbed and reinforced one piece Meehanite casting highly reduce the chances of bending and deformation. The UT-300 series has a 30° slant bed. 

Designed for Stability
In order to achieve a high standard of machine stability and provide the best machining performance, the base in these machines is designed to have a low center of gravity.

Wide Hardened Boxways
Another high standard aspect is the unique process for induction-hardened and heat treated wide boxways . They are also precision ground to match stringent positioning and repetitive accuracy under various machining requirements. 

Expert Hand Scraping
To get the most precise positioning and extend their service life to the maximum, all sliding surfaces are treated with extreme care and proficiency. First, they are coated with a layer of  Turcite B and then hand-scraped to create the perfect lubricant retention. 
During assembly, professional experts will constantly check and adjust the surfaces flatness, squareness, and straightness and make sure to deliver the best static geometrical accuracy.

Precision Assurance
Prior to assembly, all key components will go through a series of functional and dimensional checks using CMM system ensuring they are up to standards. 

Rigid Shock Absorbing Headstock
To eliminate remaining internal stress arising from casting process, headstocks are naturally seasoned as well as heat treated and annealed twice before precision finishing grinding. They are specially designed to resist cutting force and withstand the extreme demands of continues heavy-duty and step cutting.

Headstock Performance
One of the best headstock design features is the symmetrically placed heat dissipating ribs. They allow the cooling process to take place smoothly and evenly. This minimizes thermal deformation and helps maintaining the circularity and concentricity to achieve the high precision that customers expect.

Precision In-house Spindle Assembly
Precision belt drive spindles are custom designed and assembled in-house to provide unsurpassed power, long term durability, and peak machining capability.
Each spindle undergoes a dynamic balancing operation to reduce the vibration increasing the machine performance and overall quality.

Ballscrew Drive Mechanism
State-of-the-art larger AC servo motors are equipped to provide powerful thrust for high feed rates and accurate cutting. Therefore, large diameter pre-tensioned precision ballscrews are directly connected to the drive mechanism for a backlash free movement.

Precision In-house Turret Assembly
All turrets are built in-house with care offering both cam-follower driven hydraulic and servo driven indexing mechanisms. BMT turret is provided as an option as well, covering a wider range of availabilities for clients.

Programmable Tailstock
The tailstocks in the UT series machines can be either manually or automatically controlled. They are located on the same one-piece cast guideway surface aligned with the headstock and main spindle. The UT-300 has a programmable tailstock as a standard option.

UT-300 Rack & Pinion Drive Mechanism
A rack and pinion mechanism drives the heavy duty tailstock in the UT-300 series using its high torque to deliver powerful positional locking.

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