• Multi-Axis Machine for Mass Production UZ-2000T2MW
  • Multi-Axis Machine for Mass Production UZ-2000T2MW
  • Multi-Axis Machine for Mass Production UZ-2000T2MW


Multi-Axis Machine for Mass Production

Multi-axis Machine for Mass Production
Increase Your Working Range and Large Working Area on Upper & Lower Turrets


· Gear-driven BMT live tool turret

· 2-turret construction

· 16+16 tools number of tool station

· One-piece bed, 45° slant-bed structural design

· Max. Swing:  660  mm

· Max. Length:  810  mm

· Spindle:  A2-5 in  5000 (Built-in), 3500 / 2500(Belt) rpm

· Bar capacity:  52 mm

· Main spindle motor 11/15kW(Built-in) or 15/18.5kW(Belt)

Controller FANUC 0i-T
Swing over bed mm 660
Swing over saddle mm 620
Max. Turning Diameter mm 320
Max. turning length mm 810
Spindle Nose ASA A2-5(A2-8 / A2-11)
Chuck Diameter inch 6(10 / 15)
Spindle Speed rpm 5000(Built-in), 3500 / 2500(Belt)
Spindle Motor Power(Cont. /30min)   kW 11 / 15 (15 / 18.5)
Bar Capacity mm 52(78 / 105)


Tailstock body travel
mm 770

Quill travel
mm 120

Quill diameter
mm 85

Quill taper
MT# 5
X-axis Travel mm X1/X2:210
Z-axis Travel mm Z1/Z2 : 840  
X-axis Rapid Traverse Rate m/min 24
Z-axis Rapid Traverse Rate m/min 40


Tooling system BMT 40
Turret driven type Servo mechanical
Number of tools station 16+16
Square tool shank size mm 20(25)
Round tool shank size mm 32(40)
Rotary tool spindle power kW 4.5
Rotary tool spindle speed rpm 6000


Machine dimension L x W x H m 4.7 x 2.4 x 2.3
Net weight kg 10500

1 FANUC 0i-T controller 1 Unloader & conveyor for finished parts
2 10.4" Colored LCD monitor + Manual guide i 2
Parts catcher with parts conveyor
3 Heat exchanger for electric cabinet 3 Renishaw special HPRA for main
4 Hydraulic power supply unit 4 Spindle air blow tube
5 4-bar coolant system 5 Automatic door
6 Lubrication system 6 Bar feeder interface (7 or 24 pins) / Extra M-code card
7 Three-color working light 7 Bar feeder
8 Oil mist collector
9 Oil-coolant skimmer
10 Air cooler for electric cabinet
11 Transformer
12 CE version
13 Collect chuck
14 20-bar coolant through system
15 Axial rotary tool holder
16 Radial rotary tool holder

17 Linear scale
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of the machine without prior notice. All the specifications shown above are just for reference.
Twin Spindle Twin Turret 
This machine offers multi-axis machining of complex parts with twin 16 tool power turrets. Twin turrets and a shared Y-axis allow you to produce complex parts with high precision without having to transfer the part. Higher productivity coupled with high accuracy equates to higher throughput and profit potential for today's competitive machine shops.

Y-Axis Machining
The Y-axis control and simultaneous machining capability produces a significant advantage over standard machines to cover a wide range of complex precision parts. 

Milling Flats on Circumference with Y Axis Control 
With the Y-axis control flats can now be machined on the circumference without any concavity. 

With Y-Axis Control
Flats can be machined with precision since there is Y-axis control to precisly position the cutting tool. 

With C-Axis Control
Flats cannot be machined if there is no Y-axis control to precisly position the cutting tool in the correct orientation on the inner circumference. 

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