• Slant Bed Turning Center UT-300SM
  • Slant Bed Turning Center UT-300SM
  • Slant Bed Turning Center UT-300SM
  • Slant Bed Turning Center UT-300SM
  • Slant Bed Turning Center UT-300SM
  • Slant Bed Turning Center UT-300SM
  • Slant Bed Turning Center UT-300SM
  • Slant Bed Turning Center UT-300SM
  • Slant Bed Turning Center UT-300SM
  • Slant Bed Turning Center UT-300SM


Slant Bed Turning Center

Multi-Tasking Performance
Main and Sub Spindles Synchronization


· Gear-driven BMT/VDI live tool turret with 12 station

· One-piece bed, 30° slant-bed structural design

· Max. Swing:  612 mm

· Max. Length:  560  mm

· Spindle:  A2-8 in  3500 rpm

· Bar capacity:  75 mm

· 8.4"Fanuc 0i controller with color LCD monitor
Controller FANUC 0iT
Swing Over Bed mm 700
Swing Over Saddle mm 500
Max. Turning Diameter(Main-Spindle) mm 450
Max. Turning Diameter(Sub-Spindle) mm 375
Max. Turning Length mm 560
Spindle Nose ASA A2-8(A2-11)
Chuck Diameter inch 10(12/15)
Spindle Speed rpm 3500(2700/2500/2000)
Spindle Motor Power(Cont. /30min) kW 15/18.5(18.5/22)
Bar Capacity mm 75(90/105/116.5)
Spindle Nose ASA A2-5
Chuck Diameter inch 6(8)
Spindle Speed rpm 6000(5000)
Spindle Motor Power(Cont. /30min) kW 5.5/7.5
Bar Capacity mm 44
X-axis Travel mm 280
Z-axis Travel mm 750
Y-axis Travel mm -
B-axis Travel mm 700
X-axis Rapid Traverse Rate m/min 20
Z-axis Rapid Traverse Rate m/min 24
Y-axis Rapid Traverse Rate m/min -
B-axis Rapid Traverse Rate m/min 20
X-axis kW 3
Z-axis kW 3
Y-axis kW -
B-axis kW 1.6

Tooling System

Turret Drive Type Servo-mechanical
Number of Tool Station 12
Square Tool Shank Size mm 25
Round Tool Shank Size mm 40
Max. Rotary Tool Speed rpm 4000
Rotary Tool Driver Power kW 4.5
Machine dimension L x W x H m 3.5 x 1.9 x 2
Machine Weight kg 5900

1 FANUC 0i-T controller 1 Upgrade to 10.4" Colored LCD monitor
2 RJ-45 interface 2 Collect chuck
3 Rigid tapping 3 Tool setter
4 Heat exchanger for electric cabinet 4 Parts catcher and parts conveyor
5 8.4" Colored LCD monitor 5 Bar feeder interface (7 or 24 pins)
6 Lubrication system 6 Bar feeder
7 4-bar coolant system 7 Oil mist collector
8 Three-color warning light 8 Oil-coolant skimmer
9 Air cooler for electric cabinet
10 Gear box
11 Transformer
12 CE version
13 Axial rotary tool holder
14 Radial rotary tool holder
15 Linear scale
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of the machine without prior notice. All the specifications shown above are just for reference.
Rigid Structure
One-piece slant bed structure
Machine bed is made of one-piece high-grade Meehanite casting to allow heavy cutting capabilities. Wide hardened and ground box ways are coated with Turcite and hand-scraped for ultra-precise fitting to reduce vibration while offering better tool life and surface finishes.
Axis structure is directly driven by precision ballscrew and powered by AC servo motor for smooth movement with virtually no backlash.

Built-in motor driven spindle
Thermally symmetrical design on the head stock diminishes distortion and provides stable accuracy on work pieces even in continuous high speed machining.
Spindle is supported by a double row of tapered roller bearings in the front and rear of the spindle toresist axial cutting force, while self-alignment angular contact bearings provide tremendous radial load capability.

Main and sub spindle synchronization
Both the main and sub spindle, C1 and C2 axes provide positioning resolution up to 0.005 degree.
Accomplish three dimensional contouring. combine round amd prismatic machining by harmonized control of the spindles with the X and Z axes.  
Synchronization between main and sub spindle at any rotation speed can be programmed to perform part transfer for secondary machining, enhancing production efficiency and reducing idle time.

The fast 12-station BMT servo-mechanical dodecagonal drum turret, featuring a large 3-piece curvic coupling and powerful hydraulic clamping force, assures unparalleled rigidity in all machining conditions.
Live tool holders can be mounted on all 12 stations, but only the working position is driven.
VDI live tool turret is also available as an option upon request.

Stable axial system
The axial direction adopts high-precision ballscrew and high-precision bearing design, effectively eliminating backlash and thermal elongation displacement provide stable and high CP value finished parts.
Y-axis adopts 30-degree sliding seat virtual composite structure with high rigidity the best Y-axis mechanism with stability.
The axial sliding surface is attached to the Turcite wear piece and applied to the high shovel the scraping operation can maintain the characteristics of long-term smooth motion accuracy.

Programmable tailstock
The whole multi-tasking series equip with programmable tailstock as standard, the positioning of the tailstock body and the expansion and contraction of the quill both can be controlled by the program
Saddle and tailstock can be adjusted separately or driven at the same time and driven to the desired position

Aesthetic design
Simple and atmospheric appearance sheet metal design
Fully enclosed sheet metal design, with particular emphasis on water and chip protection

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