Multi-Axis Machine Center for Efficient Mass Production

High Precision, High Quality, Focus on the Future

Accuway was founded in 1986, supplying molds and dies for semi-conductor industries. It has accumulated abundant precision machining experience and technologies by continuous improvement and innovation. Through this rich experience, in 2002 began to develop and produce CNC lathe and vertical machining centers for versatile industrial applications.


Accuway products have won a wide reputation and positive feedback from a broad range of customers, especially within Taiwan, China, North America and Europe’s competitive markets.


Accuway is seeking to be a leader in the precision machining tool industry, providing integrated, state-of-the-art, automation technology with best solutions to meet the challenges of industry 4.0.


We can provide customers with advanced and efficient manufacturing solutions to provide excellent productivity and versatility. We use the most advanced design techniques to ensure that products have a high level of performance, production, and quality control.

We are represented in all major markets with sales and service bases and qualified service partners.

Our customers include companies from the automobile industry and their suppliers, from general mechanical engineering, energy technology, fluid technology, aerospace and many other sectors.

Accuway’s aim is not solely to produce and sell machines. It involves collaboration in synergy with our customers. This applies to everything, be it internal or external, so that together we can rise to meet their challenges and actively help them succeed.

UZ/UA Series - Multi-axis Machine Center for Mass Production

Increase Your Working Range with large Y-axis on Upper & Lower Turrets

A.   Structure

1.       Twin Spindle, Two Turret

This machine offers multi-axis machining of complex parts with twin, 16-tool power turrets. Twin turrets and a shared Y-axis allow you to produce complex parts with high precision without having to transfer the part. Higher productivity coupled with high accuracy equates to higher throughput and profit potential for today's competitive machine shops.

2.       Twin Y-Axis Machining

The Y-axis control and simultaneous machining capability offers significant advantages over standard machines, allowing it to produce a wide range of complex precision parts.

Flats cannot be machined if there is no Y-axis control to precisely position the cutting tool in the correct orientation on the inner circumference. With a Y-axis control to precisely position the cutting tool, flats can be machined with precision.

A.   Specifications

ž   Gear-driven BMT live tool turret

ž   Opposed two-spindle, 2-turret construction

ž   Y-axis on upper turrets 110 <±50mm>

ž   16+16 tools changeable tool station

ž   One-piece bed, 45° slant-bed structural design

ž   Distance between spindles: 900mm

ž   Max. Swing: 660 mm

ž   Max. Length: 480 mm

ž   Spindle: A2-6 in 4500 (Belt)

ž   Bar capacity: 52 mm

ž   Main spindle motor 11/15kW (Belt), Sub spindle motor 7.5/11kW (Belt)

B.   Applications

ž   Automotive: Camshafts, Linear Guide way, etc.

ž   Construction Machinery: Spool

ž   Industrial Machinery: Sleeve

ž   Agricultural Machinery: Flange

ž   Aerospace Parts

C.   Model Reference: